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Systems Expertise

Capnetix combines manufacturing domain knowledge with deep understanding of information systems including:

  • Variety of machine controls and information devices including:
    • PLCs
    • Barcoding and RFID
    • Automated tooling refurbishment
    • Robots
    • CNC controls
    • Semiconductor equipment controls (fab and assembly/test)
  • Connecting factory equipment to manufacturing execution systems
  • Multiple factory communications protocols, including:
    • IIoT (JSON, messaging)
    • machining (DNC/MTconnect)
    • Semiconductor Equipment (SECS/GEM)
    • PLCs
  • Digital and analog I/O, machine control
  • Database design
  • Data collection, storage and analysis
  • Interfacing manufacturing execution systems to ERP
  • Intuitive factory and supervisory user experience
  • Onsite, legacy and web (SaaS) based software architectures

These basic competencies combine to allow Capnetix to provide the exact services required to assist manufacturing firms make the transition from historical to intelligent manufacturing.

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