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Capnetix provides consulting and systems integration services for manufacturing firms, equipment and related software firms. 

For large firms, we work with senior management to understand how the global view of your business connects to underlying business operations and their IT components.  We work with your systems people to build a high level inventory of your firm’s systems, and how they specifically relate to the business operations of the firm.We also work with any IT governance groups, to make sure any technical projects conform to higher level corporate guidelines. 

For smaller companies, the process is much simpler, where individual improvement projects are more easily identified, defined, and scoped.

We identify specific pain points, where specific, pragmatic improvements to the overall systems architecture of your company will have the most positive and cost effective impact on your business.  We then work with management to prioritize the projects, and translate them into specific technical tasks for implementation.  

The deliverable is a set of clearly defined, scoped and prioritized technical projects that map directly to the improved success of the financial firm.  These projects are now ready for transfer to the firm’s selected technical team for detailed design, development, test and deployment.

 We get "Machine A" to talk to "Machine B"

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