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Organizational Development

For all the software, technology, processes, and automation, the largest blockage to improving manufacturing performance remains:

Organizational and cultural commitment to the status quo.

People and organizations don't like to change.  No matter how you improve technical and operational capability, it all comes back to people.  

  • What motivates them?  
  • Where do they see themselves before and after improvements have been layed out?  
  • Do they see themselves benefiting from training, and learning new ways of doing things that are different from the old way?  
  • Which people will embrace new methods, and who will reject them?
  • How do you find or make and motivate people who will embrace improved, data driven manufacturing methods?
  • Has your organization been introduced to lean thinking or Six Sigma practices?

Capnetix offers organizational consulting to executives who need to motivate people to embrace new, streamlined, information driven manufacturing methods.  

Good technology and operations support good people who want to build high quality products, using effective software and manufacturing solutions.

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