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Biotech Systems Integration

Biotech firms want to economically search vast "spaces" for target compounds that have specific effects on DNA.  GeneXP Biosciences produces tools and systems that merge genomics and drug screening. It provides products and services that enable automated gene expression experiments to speed drug discovery, develop new genomic based diagnostic tools, and improve health outcomes. The company delivers 96-well microarrays, as well as specialty arrays for focused research applications. GeneXP performs sample prep and hybridizations on an outsource basis as required. The company scans hybridized BioGridArrays™ using its laser PMT and CCD/microscope scanners, and provides images and data.

GeneXP Biosciences of Woburn MA needed an integrated information system to support the experimental process from "sample in to knowledge out".  The executives brought in Capnetix founders to integrate all the data for the end to end process, from robotic and laser scan data to delivery of complete XML based data reports, including statistical analysis of results.

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