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Systems Evaluation

All but greenfield manufacturing facilities have some arrangement of software systems to manage production information.  The vast majority of these systems have grown up in an organic manner over time and different organizations.  Many have an assortment of different packages from different vendors, with different purposes.  Examples include:

Rarely do any of the systems "talk" to each other.  What results is a confusing patchwork of different systems, preventing executives from achieving their production, cost and quality goals.

Capnetix is one of the foremost resources in the world for evaluating the present state of systems within a manufacturing facility.  Capnetix can build a clear picture of all these systems, allowing for clear evaluation of how dis-integrated systems prevent executives from reaching their business objectives.  Once you have a clear picture of what you have.  Capnetix can then develop actionable plans to create a simpler, more integrated set of systems to improve the performance of the facility.

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