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ERP Integration

A private equity (PE) firm invested in a merger of two locally owned and operated manufacturing operations, with the focus of increasing efficiency of their custom built lumber processing equipment and expanding market share.

The PE firm called on Capnetix to streamline and upgrade their systems, with an eye toward combining two separate ERP systems into one while increasing automation.

Capnetix provided executive level direction, hands on operational support and system integration services to bring them through a transition to a more efficient operation, by:

  • increasing the effectiveness of how they used their ERP system on a day to day basis
  • providing both strategic and detailed planning for the merging of the two company ERP systems into one
  • expanding the applicability and efficiency of their ERP system by simultaneously:
    • automating labor time tracking, tying labor cost directly to company financials
    • simplifying and modernizing labor and expense tracking for field operations and
    • providing more accurate real-time reporting by integrating modern mobile technology 

Capnetix assisted both investors and management to:

  • Simplify and streamline overall system architecture
  • Reduce WIP
  • Reduce build times
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Improve quality and
  • Increase plant velocity

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